Rita Ora has been accused of ‘blackfishing’ after Twitter users discovers she’s not black


Rita Ora has been accused of “blackfishing” after her ethnicity became the subject of a viral tweet earlier this week.

A Twitter user shared a photo of the 29-year-old singer with her mother and in various hairstyles including braids and an afro.

“Finding out rita ora isn’t black at all and both of her parents are white albanians (sic) is so trippy. the girls BEEN blackfishing,” one person tweeted.

“Like the girl isn’t black in the slightest this is kind freaking me out. yt (sic) women really slip into black personas so easily.”

Blackfishing is a form of cultural appropriation where white people use hairstyles, clothing and make-up associated with black culture.

Ora has frequently discussed her Albanian heritage and that her family fled the war-torn country, however the singer received backlash despite of this.

The post received more than 110,000 likes and others also shared their shock that Ora’s parents where white given she has repeatedly worn her hair in styles associated with black culture and assumed she was black.

In 2016, Ora told talk show host Wendy Williams about her family.

“I thought you were half-black and half-white, or something like that,” Willaims said.

“Everybody usually does. I might as well be. But no, I’m Albanian,” Ora said.

Fans also came to the singers defence and pointed out that Ora had never claimed to be black and they had come to that conclusion because of her appearance.

“How is it blackfishing when someone mistakes you for being ‘mixed’ cause you have ‘ambiguous’ features though,” another person tweeted.

“How is she black fishing? Y’all automatically ASSUMED she has black in her. Not once has this girl said she was black or trying to be black. She look like a regular industry chick switching her looks up.”

Ora is not the first high profile celebrity to be accused of cultural appropriation with the likes of Kylie Jenner and Ariana Grande also receiving backlash over their appearance.