Mad Max and songwriting: How RVG's Romy Vager is surviving lockdown


It’s a head-caving time. “I’m generally fine, but I do freak out at 1am most nights and worry if all my teeth are going to fall out from me grinding them.”

RVG incubated in The Bank, an erstwhile recording, rehearsal and performance space in Preston. “I’m in a share house now with my partner and a couple of other people. We’re not the kind of house that hangs out, which is sad, ’cause I would really love that sometimes,” she says. Vager is receiving JobSeeker; small mercies.

“I’m pretty quiet and introverted, quarantine hasn’t been a huge adjustment for me. I’m playing a video game set in the Mad Max universe, which is a real treat. I’ve been writing new songs too!”

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