L-plater fined $1600 for driving with mum


A learner driver has copped a fine of over $1600 after being pulled over by police while going for a driving lesson with her mum in Melbourne’s southeast.

Sharee Reynolds decided it was good weather conditions on the weekend for her daughter Hunter, 17, to gain some more driving experience.

Sharee told 3AW’s Neil Mitchell that the pair drove from their home in Hampton to Frankston when they were pulled over by police.

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“We didn’t think for one minute that we would be doing anything wrong. We weren’t in contact with any person, we weren’t stopping anywhere, we weren’t planning on visiting any destination. We were just learning to drive in those conditions and we were pulled over by the police,” she said.

“She (the police officer) said we were too far from home and we would cop a fine, and that Hunter would be the person to receive that fine.”

The 17-year-old was hit with an on-the-spot fine of $1652 for “non-essential travel”.

When Sharee questioned the reason for the fine, she claims the officer said the police were “smashing it on the roads today”.

The mum slammed the fine as “ridiculous” and said a warning would have been enough.

“If for some reason she felt that we had done the wrong thing I think it would have had the same impact had she just given us a warning. It is a bit of a shock because we are not setting out to break any rules whatsoever,” Sharee told the radio host.

“I don’t feel like it was the right thing to do. Giving a fine to a 17-year-old is really quite ridiculous. I honestly didn’t think what we were doing was incorrect.”

A Victorian Police officer wearing a face mask is seen outside of Crown Metropol Hotel in Melbourne. Picture: Bianca De Marchi/AAP
media_cameraA Victorian Police officer wearing a face mask is seen outside of Crown Metropol Hotel in Melbourne. Picture: Bianca De Marchi/AAP

Hunter told Mitchell she was “shocked” by the fine because she didn’t think she was breaking any laws.

“I was just shocked, because I obviously hadn’t done anything wrong, or so I thought. I was just really stressing,” she said.

Sharee said they intend to fight the fine in court.

Sergeant Julie-Anne Newman told Nine that Assistant Commissioner Bob Hill would review the matter.

“DC Patton is aware of the incident where a learner driver, on the roads with their mother, was issued with a penalty notice for breaching directions issued by the CHO,” she said.

“He has spoken to AC Bob Hill regarding the matter who is following up the circumstances surrounding the incident.

“AC Hill will review the matter and see whether discretion could have been used in this instance.”

Originally published as L-plater fined $1600 for driving with mum