Jesinta Franklin confirms she and Buddy Franklin expecting ‘surprise’ second child


Jesinta and Lance “Buddy” Franklin are expecting their second child.

The former Miss Universe Australia confirmed her surprise pregnancy during an Instagram live interview with Vida Glow founder Anna Lahey.

Jesinta Franklin confirmed her baby news during an Instagram live with Vida Glow founder Anna Lahey
Camera IconJesinta Franklin confirmed her baby news during an Instagram live with Vida Glow founder Anna Lahey Credit: Instagram

“Nearly half way through…Tullulah will be getting a sibling at the end of March next year, so she will have just turned one,” Franklin said.

Franklin revealed that her second pregnancy came as a total surprise to the pair, who had previously struggled to conceive before falling pregnant with daughter Tullulah.

“I think I was six weeks along (when I found out about the second),” she said.

“When I got my first cycle after giving birth, around that maybe three and a half, four month mark, I downloaded an app just to track it, just because we didn’t want to get pregnant again (that quickly) but I wasn’t even really thinking about it, because we had so much struggle with the first.

“I just had it in there, because I was like, ‘look, I’m busy, and I think it’s important to know your cycle,’ I downloaded that (and) when I got to the Gold Coast (for the AFL hub) I kind of felt like, ‘ooh it’s been a long time since that first cycle’.”

The 29-year-old explained that she ducked into the IGA to purchase a pregnancy test 10 days after realising her cycle was late.

“I got that, and did it and left it in the bathroom and walked out and I did something and went back in and found the two lines,” she explained.

Franklin confessed that while she is happy and grateful to be able to fall pregnant so easily the second time around, coming to terms with the surprise news so soon after giving birth left her emotions “up and down”.

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“I went into mum and just burst into tears… that sounds so horrible to say, but I just really didn’t feel like being pregnant again, I had just stopped breast feeding, I was just starting to exercise again, feeling like my career and life was slowly coming back,” Franklin shared.

“I was like ‘oh my gosh this is happening again’, I can relate to that crying for four days, it was very up and down for me.”

The announcements comes after weeks of speculation that Franklin was pregnant with her second child.

The former model has previously opened up about her fertility journey before falling pregnant with her first child, with Lahey and Franklin bonding over being told that IVF treatment was their last resort in their 20s.

Jesinta Franklin pregnant with her first daughter
Camera IconJesinta Franklin pregnant with her first daughter Credit: Andrew Hens

“When I suffered our pregnancy losses, they said to me I had to go through three consecutive miscarriages before qualifying to go to the specialist… I could have had two losses, had a baby, had another two losses, had a baby, and they would never look into it, it had to be 3 consecutive losses,” Franklin revealed.

“I didn’t have endometriosis, I was ovulating, I had lots of eggs, there was just no explanation, (I was like) ‘why do I have to do IVF at 27 or 28 when there’s no real reason for me to do this?’”