How a 'curator' helped me streamline my skincare routine

Gucci Bloom Profumo di Fiori EDP (100ml), $205.

Gucci Bloom Profumo di Fiori EDP (100ml), $205. Credit:Jennifer Soo

Morning: cleanse with micellar water, apply SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic antioxidant serum (, $218), then finish with the sunscreen and moisturiser hybrid UltraViolette Supreme Screen Hydrating Sunscreen 50+ (, $45).

Night: cleanse using a cleansing balm, follow with the prescription-only compounded retinoid, Qr8 Tretinoin Cream, formulated with vitamin B3 (, $220), and finish with CeraVe Daily Moisturising Lotion (, $23).

Downtime One very instructional hour with a follow-up in three months.

Results I love the simplicity of my new routine and am looking forward to starting out slowly with the retinoid.

Versace Dylan Turquoise EDT (100ml), $165.

Versace Dylan Turquoise EDT (100ml), $165.Credit:Jennifer Soo

Where to get it Go to Cost $275 for a one-hour consultation.

At home Try Vida Glow Marine Collagen Elixir (, $75) as a daily oral collagen booster.

Trend: Fresh Fragrances

Warmer days call for summery scents; we love these three for their fresh, uplifting notes. Versace offers lemon, mandarin and guava; Gucci gives us a cocktail of musk, jasmine and tuberose; Hermetica blends vetiver oil, pink pepper and leather.

Shiseido’s Hanatsubaki Hake Polishing Face Brush.

Shiseido’s Hanatsubaki Hake Polishing Face Brush.Credit:Jennifer Soo

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As soon as I spied Shiseido’s Hanatsubaki Hake Polishing Face Brush (, $78), I had to have it for the cuteness factor alone. It works for powder and liquid foundations and its unique shape means complete control when buffing product into a smooth, streak-free finish.

Ask Steph

How do I get rid of acne on my back?
Just as with our faces, our backs are covered in sebaceous glands and hair follicles that release sebum, which, combined with bacteria and dead skin cells, can clog pores. Try exfoliating with a salicylic body product such as Paula’s Choice Weightless Body Treatment (, $11).

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