Home and Away Review: Jasmine cries a lot realising she is not ok


Colby is at Jasmine’s house reading Home Beautiful, he doesn’t strike me as being interested in that sort of thing. He patiently awaits an explanation following her ridiculous behaviour, namely leaving Willow “homeless and jobless and best friendless.”

At long last she has a moment of sanity and opens up to Colby.

“I’m scared if I let myself go, then I won’t’ get to see Grace anymore and I need her because she’s all I’ve got left,” Jasmine says.

Colby suggests she is “honest” with people and they go over to Dean and Ziggy’s place where Willow is temporarily staying to make amends.

“Is there any beers left?” Jasmine says like a little mouse.

“Not for you,” replies Willow.

Jasmine isn’t disheartened by the burn and comes crawling back to Willow, probably because she doesn’t know how to run and gym.

Having a heart to heart before the sleepover.
Camera IconHaving a heart to heart before the sleepover. Credit: Channel 7

Jasmine asks Willow for forgiveness, but she can’t forgive her for kissing Colby and stealing a baby and demands the truth.

Jasmine tells her “I’m so scared” and they reconcile (not on the bridge but on the veranda) and they all have a sleepover at Dean and Ziggy’s place which is most bizarre because they could just go home to the house they live in together.

While Jas seems genuinely sincere, is it all part of her elaborate plan to do a runner with baby Grace and take her to dead Robbo’s parent’s farm and claim Tori is an unfit parent and take custody?

The boys laugh about the good old days and how they’re going to bed early and giving out relationship advice which is a bit ironic coming from poor Dean because he’s been friend zoned by his own girlfriend.

With Ziggy moving into Dean’s place he was finally looking forward to some quality time together. But his date night plans are interrupted by the girl’s sleepover in the living room and Ziggy suddenly having intimacy issues plus she has sooo much work at the garage and can’t go on a surfing trip with him.

Maggie hasn’t been written out yet.
Camera IconMaggie hasn’t been written out yet. Credit: Channel 7

Maggie is back from her visit with Coco which means she hasn’t been written off the show just yet.

She catches up with Ziggy and says that Ben has been “pretty slammed” at work, although just a few months ago he was struggling to stay afloat.

Now that Marilyn will be spending her time at John’s beside while he recovers from his stroke, this leaves a position for babysitter wide open.

But John is a proud man and doesn’t want Marilyn to see him in his fragile state and so she moves in with Alf, Martha and Roo and subsequently saves Grace from a potential second kidnapping.

“Palmer doesn’t want you there,” Alf breaks the news to Maz.

“He asked me to keep you away.”

Marilyn is writhing inside but she takes it in her stride and will there the second he asks for her.

Ryder is busy with his Daddo but Alf is suspicious of his motives and wants to know what his “flaming agenda” is. No doubt this will manifest inside him until Ryder and Evan return from their gig bender in Yabby Creek.