Home and Away review: Jasmine bails Colby out for a lot of money and we still don’t know who Witness X is


I bloody love Jasmine Delaney. I never expected when I was given this assignment I’d be praising Bachelorette Sam Frost for her acting — but here I am.

Angelo makes an appearance for the first time since Colby’s arrest and she gives him a serve. 

“Why don’t you just admit you have it in for Colby because he was sleeping with your wife?” Jasmine says. 

Irene is shocked that her delicate little butterfly Jasmine could say such a thing, but if 2020 has taught us anything, it’s not to get in the way of Jasmine’s baby plans. 

Anyway, Colby has been granted bail, but it’s a lot of money. So much the producers aren’t telling us. 

Then it continues with Ziggy filling Mac in about the murder when Nikau arrives home and notices he has interrupted them.

Just another person finding out about the murder.
Camera IconJust another person finding out about the murder. Credit: Channel 7

Mac makes up something about Ari being extra cautions and that’s why he’s staying with her. All the while her anger towards Dean, her brother, bubbles away.

Mac finds Dean and delivers him a big slap in the face.

“I know, Ziggy told me everything,” Mac says to Dean.

“I know that Colby’s done a bad thing but he’s not a bad guy,” Dean replies.

But I’m on Mac’s side.

Colby did shoot someone and then implicated about 10 people. Okay, I’m exaggerating a bit, but I’ve lost count of how many people know about dead Ross’ murder.

I also really think that letter Bella wrote to Irene, the one that fell behind the bed, is going to come into play soon. Just putting that theory out there.

There’s a brief intermission from the drama as Taylor struggles to get her massage table in the car — which I find utterly ridiculous since she’d be lugging it in and out of the car all the time.

Colby, Bella and Willow arrive home from the city and it appears Jasmine bailed Colby out and used dead Robbo’s gym as collateral. 

“He’s always been there for me,” Jas says.

Yeah… I don’t know about that. I’ve been watching every night since May and Colby and Jasmine are hardly ever together apart from a “drunken” kiss and I say “drunken” because they have a sip of a tiny beer and are suddenly soooo drunk.

But as I said, she’s desperate for a baby and I honestly don’t think she would change her mind if she knew the truth about Colby. He’s still the most eligible man about town. Although John Palmer did just get on Tinder so watch out ladies.

“I’m going to make sure her first birthday is the best birthday ever,” Jas says, referring to baby Gracie.

Which means it’s going to be a disaster, and I can’t wait.

Back to Colby and co. and he has no idea who Witness X is.

Bella thinks the police are bluffing but Colby pipes up with the most righteous sounding thing I’ve ever heard. 

Colby is bailed out by Jasmine but he’s still unawares of her grand plan to use him for his sperm.
Camera IconColby is bailed out by Jasmine but he’s still unawares of her grand plan to use him for his sperm. Credit: Channel 7

“I’ve known murder trials that take six months to find a date, yet for me they’re saying it’s going to be weeks,” Colby says. 

They go through everyone that knows about the murder and could have betrayed Colby. Pretty much everyone’s name comes up, even a Chelsea who I think is Colby’s ex-wife, and of course Taylor. 

It seems my theory about Taylor being planted right from the start might actually turn out to be true, plus she says something to Mac about not being able to leave the Bay which would have to be Angelo blackmailing her into being the witness. 

Naturally Colby isn’t so calm anymore after that little chat and he needs to release his anger on someone.

And that person is Ziggy – who broke up with Dean because she couldn’t handle the truth and has promptly moved onto Tane — although they haven’t kissed or anything but we’re being primed for it.

It’d be too obvious if Ziggy was witness X?
Camera IconIt’d be too obvious if Ziggy was witness X? Credit: Channel 7

“You thought ratting me out would save Dean,” Colby says. “She’s the witness”.

He literally points the finger at Ziggy — not one for subtlety, Colby.

Dean tells Colby to simmer down because he’s going to get a witness list before his court date anyway — because Dean has been to jail before and knows everything.

Ziggy and Mac put their quiet voices on and continue discussing the case, just metres away from Angelo because discussing a murder case is something you’d want to be doing in a bar next to the head investigator? 

It’s hardly his fault that people keep having private conversation in front of him.
Camera IconIt’s hardly his fault that people keep having private conversation in front of him. Credit: Channel 7

Angelo gets on the phone and asks for one of the witnesses’ names to be suppressed because he believes they could be in “grave danger”.

I don’t think the pun is intensional — dead Ross was buried in a shallow grave — but I’ll give the writers this one because I love a bad pun.

So the producers want us to think that Ziggy is Witness X but that would be too easy so I’m going with someone more obscure like an old character is going to be re-written into the show and was hiding in the bushes watching the murder all along. Or Colby himself.

Then Dean tells Ziggy she did the right thing breaking up with him. 

“You’re way too good for all of this”, Dean says to Ziggy.

Maybe not anymore since Ziggy has recently been indoctrinated into the life to crime.

Nikau goes home to his actual house for the first time and days. He leaves the front door open (of course) and discovers not only no one is home, the window is boarded up.

Next thing he’s covered in sweat and storms into Salt and demands answers from Mac because he genuinely had no idea that his uncles were digging themselves into a deep hole.