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MKR revamp: new ingredients don't make for a better reality TV recipe

Unfortunately, it looks as if The Rivals' producers grabbed a bunch of reality-TV tropes, chucked them in a blender and poured the results into...

Home-made haircuts nothing to wine about

Three days later, a cardboard box arrived, containing a Home Haircut Kit, whose set of clippers featured “Advanced Blade Geometry for a quicker haircut”.I...

Your weekend in Melbourne March 21 to 22

Podcasts and web series to binge on while major events close in light of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Plans made for Sydney to get its own Victoria and Albert Museum

If such a museum was supported by NSW Cabinet and managed by the Powerhouse Museum, its collection would need to be split between the...

Chicken katsu rolls

I love the crunchy white rolls Vietnamese bakeries use for their pork banh mi. If you can’t find them, aim to buy the crispest...

Four-minute bursts of intense exercise may be the secret to longevity

To find out if exercise directly affects life spans, researchers would have to enroll volunteers in long-term, randomised controlled trials, with some people exercising,...

Blank Canvas

A simple 1970s house has been transformed into a modern and elegant home. Words by Heather Nette King.

My post-breakup home was meant to be stopgap. Four years on, we're still here

Family breakdown is disconcerting enough without having to start again. When languishing in no man’s land, you can’t quite face the pressure of permanence.LoadingMy...

Silly season

Rick’s divorce had exposed both his lack of furniture and friendships. So with Christmas approaching, he decided to order a couch and track down...

Unravelling a troubling Nazi legacy

Hans Frank was responsible for the deaths of 4 million Jews, for which he was convicted and hanged at Nuremberg. He was unloved and...

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