BBC to close most satellite news offices


Britain’s BBC will close the majority of its satellite news offices as part of a cost-cutting drive affected by the COVID-19 crisis.

The move comes after BBC News suspended plans to cut 450 jobs as part of a plan to meet an STG80 million ($A155 million) savings target by 2022.

An internal email to BBC staff seen by the UK’s PA news agency says the cuts to ancillary offices used by its regional news teams comes as the BBC faces “a challenging financial future”.

“The coronavirus crisis and all of the issues that have resulted from it mean that we have to look at our costs in an even more forensic way than we normally do,” head of BBC East and South East Jason Horton wrote.

“We have been reviewing all of the smaller district offices we have across England and were doing so through much of last year.

“We have now decided to close a majority of those smaller sites.”

A BBC spokesman said the closures would save a significant amount of money.

“New technology means these smaller sites are no longer needed. Closing them will save money at a time when the BBC faces significant financial pressures,” he said.

“There will be no job losses and our services in those areas will not change.”