Bashing at his drum pad, London Topaz refuses to drown in lockdown


After that he came up DJing loose house parties, then main-room sets at a club night called Anyway at the Palace Theatre, playing to a lazy 2500 people every weekend.

It was there he hooked up with Untitled Group, the masterminds behind Beyond The Valley and Pitch Festival. Topaz recently played a Virtual Day Party for Untitled and made an online splash through his use of tense atmospherics, beamed out to a crowd of 500,000.

“The tension is big for me, man. I had some ancient humming in there, I’m a spiritual person.”

Topaz obeyed one of the key rules of spinning. “I looked busy and flexed some of the tension,” he says, laughing at himself.

Topaz has been bashing away at his SPD drum pad for therapy.

“Man, I give that thing hell. I’m writing an EP right now; I’m going into introvert mode. I have JobKeeper but no music income, which sucks. I’ve applied for a couple of grants for some virtual reality shows I want to put on.”

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